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Anthony Ash

Academic Excellence Is My Ambrosian Value

Master of Business Administration, Class of 2015

"The MBA program taught me a diverse set of skills, everything from fiscal management to how businesses operate. I also learned about cultural differences which matters greatly when I'm working with an overseas business."

Our MBA alumni lead companies and divisions in the region and across the world. We provide a responsive education focused on your needs and those of businesses seeking progress and professionals who can deliver. Anthony elevated his skills through our challenging, ethics-based curriculum and gained a broad business foundation that he continues to build on today.
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Anthony was deep into his graduate studies when he accepted a job at Allsteel, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of office furniture based in Muscatine, Iowa. He began as a product analyst and now, four years later, he is a product manager and supports and leads key product development initiatives in the seating division. He earned his MBA and a concentration in International Business, an education he uses within all his roles at Allsteel.

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Our program focuses on developing ethical leaders and sustainable business operations. How did that impact you?


"One of the strongest values I picked up from St. Ambrose University was to do all things with good intentions: to behave honestly, not only in the school environment but also in the corporate environment at AllSteel," he says. In fact, our College of Business enlists 'Business for the Greater Good' as a curricular focus, a classroom mantra and an overt, overriding organizational theme.

Building a Place for Business

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How did the faculty's established business experience elevate your education?

"It was enlightening and insightful to have faculty bring that real-world experience into the classroom. It helped prepare me for the position I have now at Allsteel and all of the departments I work with, including marketing, product development, engineering, and operations."

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Our MBA program welcomes students from all professional backgrounds. How was that helpful?

"It allowed me to diversify my mindset and think differently, and to think about different perspectives. That is something that carries over into my role at Allsteel, which is not only nationally recognized, but has an international presence, too. Creating relationships with my classmates really helped me diversify the way I think and interact."

Admission and Application

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Exceptional Academics

"It established a solid foundation for me to build on and gave me a base of knowledge I could use through all functional areas within Allsteel. One of the fun things with product development is that I have lot of interaction with everyone on the front end, like sales, marketing, and customers, and on the back end with those working in manufacturing and operations. One of most valuable features of the program was to gain that foundation."

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